Austin, TX based running group founded in 2014
Backed by Under Armour

Under Armour


The reason we started RAW was to bring people together to bust their ass each week to become better runners and improve their fitness. RAW has done just that. We've all met amazing people and have seen a lot of personal bests go down along the way! It's been a great ride so far and we look forwarding continue roll down this road at #HAF pace with all of you.

We race in a lot of local races, especially the Austin Marathon, travel as a group to races, host some Pub Runs and challenge each other for a Friday Night Lights Showdown. In short, RAW is a lot of fun - come run with us!


On Tuesday nights, we meet at 7.00pm at Mean Eyed Cat to do a #HAF workout.

No matter the weather, day (about 15 folks showed up on Christmas in 2018), or other excuse we ALWAYS have RAW. We haven't missed a single week since January 1st, 2014.

These workouts range from 400s on the track, to hills, mile repeats, and other hard efforts. We do our absolute best to design workouts so when you show up, you're never running alone, always getting the most out of yourself, and you're having fun.

This is your one day a week to get the most out of yourself and do it with a group of folks that are doing the same.

We a made of runners of all levels, so everyone is welcome to RAW...come on out!

We are always running, hanging out, supporting each other, and more. Below is an active list of events we're up to.

If you have questions or want to add an event to this list, email us at

EventDateDetailsLink to signup
RAW Holiday pub Run12/7we'll pick a couple of bars and send out detailscoming soon
3M HALF MARATHON AID STATION1/23/2022Bex is organizing our aid station. the first 20 people will get a limited edition RAW sweatshirtclick here

We send out a weekly email, Tuesdays before 10am, outlining what the workout for the night is going to be, recapping the previous week, and any other relevant RAW Running updates. Get in on the action and come go #HAF and #CAF with us!

Click here to be taken to a page to sign our waiver before you come to your first RAW workout.


Sign up for our email list or you can e-mail and we'll be sure to reply as fast as we can.

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